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Providing counseling and therapy services for children, adolescents, adults and families

There are moments in life when fighting for our own health and the health of those we love are struggles that must be shared. We are not designed or required to face all of life’s challenges alone. Sometimes we just need a little help; a companion to walk with us through the pain and suffering, a kind and listening ear, and someone who believes in us more than we might believe in our self. In these times, counseling may be the best answer. At Integrated Family Therapy of Illinois, we are dedicated to recognizing your unique strengths and abilities and working with you to manage challenging situations.  Our goal is to help you become your own best counselor and our services tend to be short term.  By incorporating your personal goals with an individually tailored plan, we can help you find long-term relief and a fresh perspective.

If you are ready to make a change, address difficult issues, and start healing,


Our entire staff is trained in EMDR Therapy.

It takes courage to look below the surface



Managing anxiety, depression, and other emotional pressures



Developing skills for improving your relationships



PTSD, veteran/military issues, abuse, traumatic loss, accidents, medical issues, chronic pain

Let's Work Together

Making that first call for counseling can be difficult and scary. We understand!  We will make every effort to make your first experience and ongoing services as comfortable as possible.

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